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Equity Director Liu Yeqiao of CITIC Group Corporation and His Delegation Inspect UK-based ABP Royal Albert Dock Project

Post on:2017-07-27Source:UK Division

Liu Yeqiao, Equity Director of CITIC Group Corporation, inspected the UK-based ABP Royal Albert Dock Project contracted by CITIC Construction with his delegation on July 17, 2017, during which he was debriefed on the project progress. Liu Yeqiao also had in-depth communication with on-site teams.

Liu Yeqiao pointed out that CITIC Construction is a fresh force of CITIC Group Corporation to implement the “going global” strategy and the “Belt and Road” initiative. As the first project of CITIC Construction in the UK, ABP Royal Albert Dock Project is of great significance for the company in expanding market in developed countries. Since the launch of the project, CITIC Construction has, relying on the management experience from its large-scale overseas projects, and combining the characteristics of the UK market, achieved progress from the UK-based project by giving full play to its brand superiority and the synergy effect.

It is believed that CITIC Construction will make persistent efforts in exploring new management models from its large-scale projects in developed countries, and improve CITIC Group Corporation’s brand image in engineering contractorship in advanced economies, so as to create greater value for CITIC Group Corporation, he added.