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CITIC Construction’s Angolan RED Project Completes Handover of Its First Batch of Plots

Post on:2017-12-19Source:Africa Division

CITIC Construction has completed the handover of the first batch of plots in the Angolan RED project near the end of 2017 after the endeavor of the whole staff of both CITIC Construction and its partners.

On December 15, CITIC Construction signed the handover certificates with the representatives of project owners and supervision companies after one-week long on-site inspection and communication. The first batch of plots in the RED project that was handed over included Lobito and BaiaFarta in Benguela and Praia and Abril in Namibe, covering 2010 suites, 3 middle schools, 4 primary schools, 6 kindergartens, supporting facilities and municipal infrastructures such as water, electricity and roads.

This handover serves as a milestone for the Africa Division of CITIC Construction, which greatly boosts staff’s morale and fulfills them with confidence and hope for the full handover of the RED project.