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CITIC Construction Participates in Storm Rescue and Emergency Relief Activities in Huila Province, Angola

Post on:2017-12-19Source:Africa Division

The person in charge of the Lubango Project Department at the Africa Division of CITIC Construction received a phone call from Nuno Bernabé Mahapi Ndala, Vice Governor of Huila Province of Angola on the afternoon of December 13, 2017, and was told that the district of Palanca Negra of Humpata near the project site was hit by a tornado, and local residents were in urgent need of assistance as their the houses were seriously damaged and they had lost their homes.

After hearing such news, the Africa Division of CITIC Construction immediately decided to extend condolences to the victims, organized and mobilized its cooperation units to load disaster relief supplies the very night.

On the morning of December 14, staff of the Lubango Project Department brought disaster relief supplies (100 pieces of color coated steel roof tiles) and, leading by Vice Governor of Huila Province Nuno, went to the disaster-affected area together. At that time, the disaster-affected villages were in disorder, full of scenes destroyed by the tornado. At one village, almost all roofs were blown away and many people were sleeping in the open.

Vice Governor Nuno called the local village heads and villagers at the disaster-affected site together, addressed them and extended condolences from the local government and CITIC Construction to them.

The Project Department held a simple donation ceremony after all donated supplies were unloaded. CITIC Construction helped the victims to complete post-disaster reconstruction as soon as possible, which deepened cooperation and friendship between the Company and the local government, well promoted the social image of CITIC Construction in Huila Province. Ms. Maria João Chipalavela, Acting Governor of Huila Province, specially instructed Vice Governor Nuno to thank CITIC Construction for its support to the local government and people on her behalf.