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CITIC Construction’s Technical Modernization Project of Orsha Linen Mill Successfully Completes

Post on:2017-12-19Source:East Europe and CIS Division

Construction Supervision Bureau of Vitebsk of the State Committee for Standardization of the Republic of Belarus officially issued the acceptance certificate of Orsha Linen Mill technical modernization project to CITIC Construction on December 11, 2017. It marked the successful completion of the project and its full access to the phase of quality warranty.

The Export-Import Bank of China provided concessional loan for Orsha Linen Mill technical modernization project. As the EPC general contractor, CITIC Construction overcame multiple difficulties without stopping production, including concurrent design and construction, frequent change of design and limited working areas. The 87-year-old factory is revitalized by modernization after two years, providing strong technical support for Belarus’s linen textile industry for earning foreign currency.

In the 1950s, Orsha Linen Mill sent a team to help China build its first linen mill-- Harbin Linen Mill, making it the Whampoa Military Academy of China’s linen industry. With the comprehensive launch of the Belt and Road Initiative of China, we helped our former teacher to complete modernization with Chinese equipment, technology and financial assistance after more than six decades. The project team of CITIC Construction has completed and witnessed the historical crossing and shift. They also practiced and raised the friendship between Chinese and Belarusians to a higher level with their work.