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Vice Chairman and President of CITIC Group Corporation Wang Jiong Meets with Minister of Economy of Belarus Vladimir Zinovskiy

Post on:2018-02-14Source:East Europe and CIS Division

On February 11, 2018, Wang Jiong, Vice Chairman and President of CITIC Group Corporation met with Minister of Economy of Belarus Vladimir Zinovskiy and his delegation at the Capital Mansion.

President Wang Jiong expressed in the meeting that CITIC Group Corporation has deepened cooperation with Belarus in various fields in recent years. The projects under the construction and the track in 2017 have achieved substantial progress. Namely, the projects of Geely automobile in Belarus and Orsha Linen Mill had been successfully completed. The major structures of the sub-projects of Belarus commercial complexes have sealed the roof. The financing for agricultural and industrial complexes have been put in place. Steady Progress has been made in the CITIC intelligent robot project. The above-mentioned projects could hardly be carried out smoothly without the care and kindness of President Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus, the Belarusian government and its people. CITIC Group Corporation is willing to respond to the call of Mr. President that CITIC Group Corporation and the Belarusian side should seek for more cooperation opportunities under the sustainable development of China-Belarus comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership.

Minister Vladimir Zinovskiy expressed sincere gratitude to the great contributions of CITIC Group Corporation to the successful implementation of various projects and local economic development. He looks forward to the entry of the CITIC intelligent robot project in the Great Stone industrial park before May, 2018. Moreover, Mr. Minister delightly notified President Wang Jiong that he signed the concessional loan agreement of agricultural and industrial complexes project with the Chinese side on behalf of Belarus during his visit to China. At last, on behalf of Belarus, Minister Vladimir Zinovskiy extended new year wishes to President Wang Jiong and presenting Chinese leaders.

The meeting was accompanied by Rudy Kiryl, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Belarus to China; Liang Huijiang, General Manager of CITIC Group Strategic Development Department; Yu Zhangfa, Chairman of CITIC Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.; Chen Xiaojia, Chairman of CITIC Construction and Assistant President of CITIC Construction Yang Jianqiang.