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Vice Chairman and President Wang Jiong of CITIC Group Corporation Meets with Kazakh First Deputy Prime Minister Askar Mamin

Post on:2018-04-17Source:East Europe and CIS Division

Wang Jiong, Vice Chairman and President of CITIC Group Corporation, met at the hotel of Grand Hyatt Beijing with Askar Mamin, First Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan on April 13, who headed a group to visit China.

Apart from warmly reviewing the history and achievements of cooperation between CITIC Group Corporation and Kazakhstan, both sides looked forward to the brand-new future for cooperation against the background of new times and new situations. President Wang Jiong expressed that with the support of President Nursultan Nazarbayev as well as the support and promotion of your efforts, cooperation projects of CITIC Group Corporation in Kazakhstan have achieved stable and smooth progress while continuously opening up fresh landscapes. Initial design and examination application for the project of TKU Expressway reconstruction undertaken by CITIC Construction have been carried out while the field works have started, and it is expected that the project can be started at full capacity in June. Both sides have adopted pioneering and reforming approach in the projects of Karazhanbas oil field and Caspian Sea asphalt project, achieving enhanced management, lowered cost and increased efficiency. China CITIC Bank’s acquisition of Altyn Bank has been successfully concluded. Preparation for the “Bright Fund”, advocated by CITIC Group Corporation, has been successfully conducted in the early phases, and it is expected that relevant procedures can be finished in June. All of the above efforts have laid a sound foundation for CITIC Group Corporation to take its business in Kazakhstan to the next level. Kazakhstan is the bridge between China and Europe Union as well as Eurasian Economic Union. Under the circumstance of frequent disputes over international trade, both sides can coordinate and make a layout in industry, agriculture, energy conservation, environmental protection and other areas, and we can also carry out a number of investment projects for product deep processing in Kazakhstan, which, by introducing technology and quality resources of capital market, can not only realize import substitution of numerous products in Kazakhstan domestically, but also earn foreign exchange through exporting competitive products. CITIC Group Corporation will spare no effort to deepen cooperation with Kazakhstan as always, integrate advantageous resources to achieve mutual-benefit cooperation by developing new commercial modes, and put the “Belt and Road” initiative and the strategy of “Bright Road” into practice, adding a new chapter to the development of the bilateral relations between China and Kazakhstan and friendship between the two peoples.

Deputy Prime Minister Askar Mamin extended his gratitude to the works done by CITIC Group Corporation, adding that President Nursultan Nazarbayev is concerned with the cooperation with CITIC Group Corporation. He will keep endeavoring to promote further cooperation between the two sides, and enrich the connotation of the “Belt and Road” initiative with actual programs, making it a celebration for the 5th anniversary of proposal of “the Silk Road Economic Belt” by President Xi Jinping at Nazarbayev University. President Nursultan Nazarbayev will pay a visit to China this June, and hope to meet with leaders of CITIC Group Corporation again at that time so as to explore and plan new cooperation. At the same time, Mamin will also invite President Wang Jiong to visit Kazakhstan again to discuss major plans for cooperation.

People who have attended the meeting include Chairman Chen Xiaojia and Assistant President Yang Jianqiang of CITIC Construction; Kazakh Ambassador to China Shakhrat Nuryshev; Sklyar Roman Vasilevich, First Deputy Minister of Investment and Development; Yermek Kizatov, Head of Kazakhstan State Highway Company and others.