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Vice Chairman and President of CITIC Group Corporation Wang Jiong Attends Settlement and Inauguration Ceremony of CITIC-AMKODOR Intellectual Equipment, LLC in China-Belarus Industrial Park

Post on:2018-05-14Source:East Europe and CIS Division

Wang Jiong, Vice Chairman and President of CITIC Group Corporation, who was in Belarus for a visit, came to the China-Belarus industrial park Great Stone in Belarus and attended the settlement and inauguration ceremony of CITIC-AMKODOR Intellectual Equipment, LLC on May 8th, 2018

CITIC-AMKODOR Intellectual Equipment, LLC was established as a joint venture among CITIC Heavy Industries, CITIC Construction and Belarusian JSC AMKODOR, with an investment of US$500,000 in the first phase. The project intends to assemble special robots in Belarus for use in fire safety, industrial inspection, and other areas.

People who have attended the ceremony included Pavel Utiupin, Deputy Minister of Economy of the Republic of Belarus; Chen Xiaojia, Chairman of CITIC Construction; Yu Zhangfa, Chairman of CITIC Heavy Industries Co., Ltd; Yang Jianqiang, Assistant President of CITIC Construction; Alexander Yaroshenko, Head of the Administration of the China-Belarus Industrial Park; and Hu Zheng, CEO of the China-Belarus Industrial Park Development Company.