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Vice Chairman and President of CITIC Group Corporation Wang Jiong Meets with Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko

Post on:2018-05-14Source:East Europe and CIS Division

On May 8th, 2018, Wang Jiong, Vice Chairman and President of CITIC Group Corporation, met at the Independence Palace in Minsk with Alexander Grigoryevich Lukashenko, Belarusian President.

President Lukashenko thanked CITIC Group Corporation for the series of projects implemented in Belarus and placed high hopes on the role that CITIC Group Corporation should play in the future cooperation between Belarus and China. He said that as the natural integration point between China and the West along the route of the “Belt and Road”, Belarus is the best platform for China’s products and services to enter the Western market. CITIC Group Corporation, as an outstanding representative of Chinese-funded enterprises in Belarus, should shoulder its mission in this historic process. President Lukashenko was satisfied with the fact that CITIC Group Corporation’s cooperation with Belarus has already moved from project contracting to full-scale direct investment. The Belarusian government will provide a full range of services for CITIC Group Corporation’s future investment cooperation projects, and will provide practical guarantees for CITIC Group Corporation’s investment in Belarus and its asset security.

Wang Jiong expressed his gratitude to the Belarusian government and President Lukashenko for their consistent care and support to CITIC Group Corporation, saying that CITIC Group Corporation actively responds to the President’s call for direct investment and participates in project equity investment in a variety of ways in the GEELY automobile project, agro-industrial complex project, the Chinese-Belarusian venture capital investment fund, and intelligent robot project. Wang Jiong stressed that CITIC Group Corporation is willing to deepen cooperation with Belarus based on the existing cooperation projects and the mutual trust and understanding relationship between the two countries.

On the same day, Wang Jiong also inspected the construction site of the CITIC Construction-Belarusian commercial complex project, and attended the foundation-laying ceremony for the Belarusian special vehicle project, and the settlement and inauguration ceremony of CITIC-AMKODOR Intellectual Equipment, LLC in China-Belarus Industrial Park.

Nikolai Snopkov, Deputy Head of the Belarus President Administration; Vladimir Zinovsky, Minister of Economy; Leonid Zayats, Minister of Agriculture and Food; Alexander Shakutin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC AMKODOR; Cui Qiming, Chinese Ambassador to Belarus; Liang Huijiang, Strategy and Planning Department Manager of CITIC Group Corporation; Chen Xiaojia, Chairman of CITIC Construction; and Yang Jianqiang, Assistant President of CITIC Construction, attended the event.