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CITIC BN Vocational School Hosts 2018 Commencement and Graduation Ceremony

Post on:2018-05-18Source:Africa Division

CITIC BN Vocational School (Angola) held the 2018 opening commencement and graduation ceremony on May 9, 2018. Over 300 people attended the ceremony, including Wang Heren, Secretary of the Party Committee of Africa Division of CITIC Construction; Olaiya, the representative of the Angolan city Kilamba; leaders of the CITIC combined fleet in partnership with the school and directors of local internships units, as well as teachers and students of the school.

Speaking at the ceremony respectively, freshmen representative Rosarios and graduate representative Bernardo thanked CITIC Construction for providing the impoverished youths in Angola with the access to good education, saying that they will contribute to the society after graduation with the skills they had learned in the school.

Representative Olaiya expressed her heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for CITIC Construction for the full sponsorship of CITIC BN Vocational School, providing free education for the impoverished youths in Angola, and training professionals and technicians urgently needed by the country.

This year, 47 students graduated from CITIC BN Vocational School. According to statistics, since its establishment in 2014, CITIC BN Vocational School has provided free training and accommodation for 320 local youths from poor families and helped them start a career. The outstanding performance of the graduates has been praised by the governments of both countries and all circles of the society. The 75 freshmen will systematically study for one-year in such fields as engineering construction, mechanical operation, hotel service and aluminum profile processing. They will be nationally certified as professional certificates when they are qualified after the training.