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Experts at Angolan President’s Civil Office Visits CITIC BN Vocational School

Post on:2018-07-10Source:Africa Division

Ms. Marilena and Ms. Carlinda, two experts at Angolan President’s Civil Office, were designated by Angolan Minister of State for Economic and Social Development to visit and make an inspection tour to the CITIC BN vocational school upon the invitation of Chen Xiaojiao, Chairman of CITIC Construction on the morning of July 4th, 2018.

Arriving at the CITIC Construction camp, the two experts had a meeting with Hu Ping, General Manager of the African Division of the CITIC Construction. After then, they observed actual practice of hotel services, machinery maintenance, electrical operation and computer course. They also visited dormitories, dining hall and library of students, during which they were well briefed on the construction and running of the vocational school.

The two experts had warm exchanges with students during their visit. They told the students that it was a success to be admitted to this school and accept professional training. Anything could be done with their unwavering commitment.

The two experts spoke highly of the vocational school. They also noted that the CITIC Construction has been fostering sought-after vocational talents for the Angolan society and help Angola in its national building and development. Moreover, the CITIC BN vocational school has also provided poverty-stricken youth in the country with education and job opportunities, which will help reduce unemployment rate and eliminate poverty.