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Turn-key Ceremony for First Batch of Residents of Zango 8000 RED Social Housing Project Undertaken by CITIC Construction Held in Angola

Post on:2018-10-17Source:Africa Division

On the morning of October 4th, 2018, a group led by Ana Paula, Minister of Territorial Planning and Habitation of Angola, inspected the Zango 8000 RED social housing project and presided over the turn-key ceremony in front of the newly built housing units. Hu Ping, Vice President of CITIC Construction, and Peng Ming, Assistant President of CITIC Construction, also attended.

At the ceremony, Ana Paula, Vice Governor of Luanda Province, the representatives of Ministry of Territory Administration and State Reform, and President of Imogestin, an Angolian construction company, together handed over keys to the representatives of residents. Mainstream media of Angola followed closely and provided constant coverage for this event. In the interview, the representatives of the owners of the houses expressed their satisfaction with the environment and layout of the new residence.

Before this, the first batch of housing handed over had already been sold out.