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President of CITIC Construction Tao Yang Meets with Beninese Ambassador to China Simon Pierre Adovelande

Post on:2018-10-24Source:Trade and Logistics Department

Tao Yang, President of CITIC Construction, met with a delegation led by Simon Pierre Adovelande, Beninese Ambassador to China, and Orou Yerima Baudouin Euloge, Minister Counsellor of the Beninese Embassy in China, at the Tian Yuan Gang Center on the morning of October 19, 2018.

President Tao Yang briefed the guests on the basic situation of CITIC Group Corporation and CITIC Construction, as well as the key projects and achievements of CITIC Construction in various countries and regions in Africa. He will continue to pay attention to various areas of Benin including engineering, agriculture and trade, so as to seek more opportunities for deepening cooperation, Tao added.

Ambassador Simon Pierre Adovelande praised the achievements of CITIC Construction in Africa and hoped that CITIC Construction will make the most use of the successful experience in African projects and actively participate in the projects that the government and people of Benin urgently need, so as to gradually expand cooperation areas.

Li Zhengquan, Vice President of CITIC Construction, accompanied the delegation during the meeting.