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Angolan Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Inspects Catete Farm Run by CITIC Construction’s Africa Division

Post on:2019-04-25Source:Africa Division

Accompanied by Li Zhengquan, Vice President of the CITIC Construction and General Manager of Africa Division, Marcos Alexandre Nhunga, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry of Angola, inspected the Catete farm run by the Africa Division of CITIC Construction on April 18th, 2019.

Li Zhengquan gave a detailed introduction to Marcos Alexandre Nhunga about seedlings and hardening off area, fruit growing area, vegetable growing area, fresh water aquaculture area and pumping station as well as other facilities in the farm.

“It did not occur to me that a Chinese enterprise would build such an agricultural complex in Angola and we should promote its management experience, agricultural technologies and varieties in Angola,” Marcos marveled as he was amazed by CITIC Construction’s achievements scored in the farm. The minister noted that he will continue to support CITIC Construction in carrying out agricultural project investment in Angola, integrate land resources in surrounding areas, and make the region a demonstration center of agricultural technology promotion and technology transformation in Angola.

Marcos Alexandre Nhunga’s inspection to the farm was accompanied by Advisor to Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Director of the Agricultural Research Institute, Chairman of National Agricultural Mechanisation Company, and relevant personnel from the Agricultural Development Department and the Africa Division of CITIC Construction.