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Minister of Spatial Planning and Housing, Minister of Energy and Water, and Governor of Luanda Province of Angola Make Joint Inspection to CITIC Construction’s Kilamba New City Project

Post on:2019-05-17Source:Africa Division

On May 13, 2019, Ana Paula Chantre Luna de Carvalho, Angolan Minister of Spatial Planning and Housing, João Baptista Borges, Minister of Energy and Water and Sérgio Luther Rescova Joaquim, Governor of Luanda Province, accompanied by Li Zhengquan, Vice President of the CITIC Construction and General Manager of its Africa Division, made a joint inspection to the Kilamba New City and the accessorial water purification and sewage treatment plants. Then a coordination meeting on the work of the Kilamba New City Project was held at the CITIC Construction’s Africa Division camp.

After friendly consultations, CITIC Construction and FFH, EPAL, as well as UTGSL jointly signed the Memorandum of Understanding on the Operation and Management of Water-supply System and Sewage Treatment Plants in Kilamba New City. According to the arrangement in the memorandum, FFH will issue CITIC Construction with all the final acceptance certificates (FAC) for the Kilamba New City Project, which has greatly contributed to the solution of this long-term project.

State councilors of Spatial Planning and Housing Ministry as well as Energy and Water Ministry, directors of relevant departments of Luanda Provincial Government, and relevant personnel of the Africa Division of CITIC Construction accompanied them for the inspection.