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Chairman of CITIC Construction Chen Xiaojia Pays Courtesy Call on Brazilian Vice President Hamilton Mourão

Post on:2019-05-29Source:Argentina and Brazil Division

On May 24, 2019, Chen Xiaojia, Chairman of CITIC Construction paid a courtesy call on Hamilton Mourão, Vice President of Brazil, who came to Beijing to chair the 5th meeting of China-Brazil High Level Coordination and Cooperation Commission.

Chen Xiaojia introduced to Hamilton Mourão the relevant information about Brazilian Candiota Thermal Power Plant Project undertaken by CITIC Construction, as well as the developing progress of potash fertilizer project and corn seed processing plant project. As the President of China Agricultural Association for International Exchange, Chen Xiaojia expressed strong interest in bilateral cooperation in agriculture, hoping that the two sides can expand exchanges and strengthen cooperation.

Hamilton Mourãosaid that the Candiota Thermal Power Plant Project, located in his hometown, is very successful. With its positive effects locally, it can be called a branded project. When talking about new project cooperation, Hamilton Mourão expressed that the Brazilian government has been committed to improving business environment and optimizing the investment environment so as to create a more credible, safe and friendly business environment for foreign investors. He believes that the potash fertilizer project will help realize the localization of chemical fertilizer and drive the local economic development, so after returning to Brazil he will promote the implementation of the project as soon as possible; the Brazilian government is open to agricultural cooperation, and the corn seed processing plant project will benefit the people and bear great significance.

Vice President Hamilton Mourão welcomes Chen Xaojia’s visit to Brazil in July for further exchanges and communication.

A number of Ministers of the Brazilian government accompanying Mr. Vice President’s visit to China and Piao Bo, Vice President of CITIC Construction, also attended the meeting.