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CITIC Centennial (Angola) Vocational School Holds 2019 Commencement Ceremony

Post on:2019-07-25Source:Africa Division

On July 19, 2019, CITIC Centennial (Angola) Vocational School held the 2019 commencement ceremony. More than 300 people including Murtala, new mayor of Kilamba, relevant personnel of the municipal government, teachers and students of the vocational school and graduates’ families attended the ceremony.

Murtala expressed sincere gratitude to CITIC Construction for its wholly-owned donation and operation of CITIC Centennial (Angola) Vocational School. He highly appreciated that the vocational school provided free education for the local poor youth and trained the technical talents desperately needed by society. He encouraged graduates to work hard to contribute to Angola’s development, and said on behalf of the municipal government that it would provide support and help in school operation, graduate employment and etc.

Wang Guanxiong, Principal of CITIC Centennial (Angola) Vocational School, congratulated the graduates on their successful graduation on behalf of CITIC Construction. He hoped that they should stick to their ideal after getting jobs, pursue progress, strive to build the country and improve their livelihood so as to make full use of their youth.

Graduate representative Garcia spoke at the ceremony, thanking CITIC Construction for giving poor Angolan youth the opportunity to get a good education. The graduates would use the skills learned in the school to repay society and to help others in the future, Garcia added. Students performed chorus, melodrama and other programs and the enthusiastic “Angolan Style Dance” brought the ceremony to the climax.

All 66 students of CITIC Centennial vocational school (Angola) successfully graduated and obtained employment opportunities. According to statistics, since the establishment of the vocational school in 2014, it has provided 386 local poor youth with free training and accommodation to help them get their jobs. The outstanding performance of graduates has been praised by both Chinese and Angolan governments and all walks of society.