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CITIC Construction Labor Union Hosts the Final of English Proficiency Competition Themed Carrying Forward the Traditional Merits of CITIC Construction Within 40 Years and Pursuing Dreams at Youth

Post on:2019-09-05Source:H.R. Department

On August 30, 2019, co-organized by H.R. Department, the final of English Proficiency Competition themed carrying forward the traditional merits of CITIC Construction within 40 Years and pursuing dreams at youth was hosted by CITIC Construction Labor Union. Six contestants and six teams from different divisions competed in the forms of English speech contest and scene play respectively. Tao Yang, President of CITIC Construction, attended and addressed the award ceremony. The leaders of the company including Fan Zheng, Li Ling, Yang Jianqiang, Liu Shuchun, Qiao Feng, Peng Ming, Zhao Yong, Li Yidong and Yan Li presented the awards to the winners, amid a positive and cheerful atmosphere.

Centering on the topic of inheritance and innovation, the finalists praised the obscurity and professional enthusiasm of administrative service personnel of CITIC Construction and the functional departments’ spirit of undertaking overloaded works and selfless dedication in the scene play. They appreciated the struggle and sacrifice of front-line staff of the project and their spirits of fulfilling missions. The contestants presented six stories of CITIC Construction, demonstrating the spirit of achieving success through hard work. In the speech contest, six contestants shared their insights that today’s young employees should work hard in their position and actively engage in exploration and innovation from different perspectives of financing, business contracts, external publicity, market development, staff training and project experience sharing.

After the heated discussion by judging panel, a foreign expert judge declared that the first prize of speech contest went to Su Zifan from the Asia-Pacific Division and the first prize of scene play to Comprehensive Affairs Office.

Tao Yang pointed out at last that he could feel the strong recognition and passion of the younger generation towards company, as well as their momentum and ambition to work hard and to make a difference on this platform, inspired by CITIC Construction’s initial intention and mission. The cause of CITIC Construction has been passed onto the younger generation. Hence, he hoped the large number of CITIC Construction employees can remain true to their original aspirations and keep their mission firmly in mind. He also encouraged them to positively engage in innovation and to make more contributions, so as to better promote corporate culture, solve real problems and facilitate reform and innovation.