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CITIC Construction Attends CHINCA 2019 International Project Management Forum

Post on:2019-09-11Source:Comprehensive Affairs Office

China International Contractors Association (CHINCA) held the 2019 International Project Management Forum in Beijing on September 5. Representatives from 75 Chinese enterprises listed in the “ENR’s 2019 top 250 international contractors” attended the conference, and nearly 400 representatives from CHINCA members, consulting institutions, think tanks and media attended the conference. CITIC Construction is a listed enterprise and a CHINCA vice-chairman member. Fan Zheng, Vice President of CITIC Construction, attended the meeting.

Through the trend analysis and experience sharing of international project management, the forum analyzed the overall businesses situation of “ENR’s 2019 top 250 international contractors”. Besides, relevant enterprises shared development experience of overseas business and studied and judged the current status and future development trend of the international engineering market. Furthermore, the forum publicized and promoted the outperformed businesses in the industry and these businesses reached consensus in terms of the mode and path of promoting the transformation and upgrading of the industry and high-quality development, which is of great significance for leading the future development of the industry.

After the exchange and discussion session, the CHINCA held an award ceremony for A-level enterprises in the foreign contracting engineering industry in 2019, and CITIC Construction won the highest A-level enterprise certificate for two consecutive years. According to the Framework Standard for Classification of Foreign Contracting Enterprises (industrial standard) (trial) passed in November 2017, the CHINCA has graded and evaluated foreign contracting engineering companies since 2018 in order to better adapt to the needs of foreign governments, financial institutions, project owners to understand the business performance, strength and relevant professional qualifications and guide member enterprises to undertake projects commensurate with their strength and performance.

An award ceremony of Chinese listed enterprises in “ENR’s 2019 top 250 international contractors” was also held at the forum, with CITIC Construction ranking 54th in the list.