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President of CITIC Construction Tao Yang Meets with Brazilian Vice President Antonio Hamilton Martins Mourão

Post on:2019-11-20Source:Latin America Division

Tao Yang, President of CITIC Construction, met with Antonio Hamilton Martins Mourão, Vice President of Brazil on the sidelines of the BRICS Summit on November 13, 2019.

Mourão was full of optimism and expectation for the future cooperation between China and Brazil. Speaking highly of CITIC Construction's efforts in the field of agriculture in Brazil, he hoped that CITIC Construction will actively participate in PPI and other government-led project development frameworks. He also expressed his willingness to support CITIC Construction in developing business in Brazil.

“CITIC Construction focuses on agriculture, infrastructure, energy and other fields,” said Tao Yang, adding that “CITIC Construction will make use of its advantages to jointly develop the Brazilian market with partners from other countries, so as to implement the concept of multilateral cooperation proposed by President Xi Jinping with practical actions.”

Tao Yao also met with Onyx Lorenzoni, Chief of Staff of Brazilian President, Bento Costa Lima Leite, Minister of Mines and Energy and other political figures on the sidelines of the BRICS Summit.

Piao Bo and Yang Jianqiang, Vice Presidents of CITIC Construction, were present.