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Africa Division of CITIC Construction Wins Badminton and Swimming Team Championship of the 6th Chamber of Commerce Cup of Chinese-funded Enterprises in Angola

Post on:2020-01-14Source:Africa Division

The badminton and swimming team competition of the 6th Chamber of Commerce Cup for Chinese-funded enterprises in Angola, which was organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Chinese-funded enterprises in Angola, was concluded at the main venue of Africa Division of CITIC Construction on January 4, 2020. The Africa Division won the badminton and swimming team championship, creating a miracle in winning the badminton team championship for five consecutive times. Gong Tao, Chinese Ambassador to Angola, addressed the function. Li Zhengquan, Vice President of CITIC Construction, made remarks at the closing ceremony as the head of chairman units of the Chamber of Commerce.

The competition was attended by a total of 12 badminton teams and 16 swimming teams. In the two events, the athletes of the Africa Division demonstrated the positive spirit of enterprise, unity and cooperation, and tenacious fighting spirit, demonstrating the good image of CITIC Construction.

Nearly 200 people were present at the closing ceremony, including Li Yongjun, Commercial Counselor and Yang Gang, Consular Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy in Angola, representative of Chinese-funded enterprises and athlete delegates.