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Argentina’s New Special Representative for Trade Promotion and Investment in China Visits CITIC Construction

Post on:2020-07-08Source:阿根廷车辆项目部

      Piao Bo, Vice President of CITIC Construction, met with visiting Gustavo Sabino Vaca Narvaja, Argentina’s new Special Representative for Trade Promotion and Investment in China, at CITIC Construction’s headquarters on the morning of July 1, 2020.
      Piao Bo briefed Sabino on CITIC Group Corporation’s overall situation, CITIC Construction’s business scope and domain, and the process in South America’s projects, especially the Argentine Metro Cars Project. He said, the implementation of CITIC Construction’s project in Argentina is inseparable from the support of relevant government departments and the people of Argentina. CITIC Construction is prepared to provide assistance within its capacity for Argentina's economic development and people's lives, Piao added.
      Highly applauding CITIC Construction’s achievements in such fields as infrastructure, housing building, mining, and agricultural and industrial facilities, Sabino said that Argentina and China enjoy a profound friendship and the country’s new government is looking forward to deepening its cooperation with China in a long run. Argentina is currently in urgent need of infrastructure, energy, mining and social housing, while CITIC Construction has been working in Argentina for many years with great potential, said Sabino, adding that he will do his best to seek cooperation opportunities with CITIC Construction and support the implementation of existing projects.

      After the meeting, the two sides will set up a working group for coordination work and will have communication between Argentine ministries for infrastructure, housing and transportation and CITIC Construction. Responsible principal leading officials from CITIC Construction’s Latin America Division were present at the event.