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Vice President of CITIC Construction Piao Bo Attends the Cooperation and Exchange Meeting with Ambassadors to China

Post on:2020-08-05Source:Latin America Division

At the invitation of China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products (CCCME), Piao Bo, Vice President of CITIC Construction, attended the cooperation and exchange meeting with ambassadors to China on the afternoon of July 30, 2020. The attendances were ambassadors to China from ten countries including Brazil, Uruguay, the United Arab Emirates, Portugal and Algeria as well as representatives from 14 major CCCME member companies.
At the meeting, Piao Bo briefed the overview of CITIC Group and CITIC Construction, focusing on the business models and development of CITIC Construction in various countries. Piao Bo also expressed his views on how to carry out cooperation projects with various countries during the epidemic and in the future. He stated that CITIC Construction will integrate resources and advantages, continue to explore and innovate, and contribute to the economic development and construction among countries.

The ambassadors to China briefed the close cooperation relationship between their countries and China, expressed their desire to deepen cooperation in the future, and introduced their countries’ preferential investment policies and investment environment. Representatives of the 14 companies also made relevant reports to ambassadors on their respective business scope, project progress and future development plans in various countries.